Life science sample prep is difficult.

The demand for personalized medicine is increasing due to the rapid advancement of NGS and other technologies. Unfortunately, traditional sample prep methods are cumbersome and won’t keep up with the pace of innovation.

Our AAMP technology makes it simple.

Triangle Biotechnology is revolutionizing sample prep with AAMP-infused reagents that amplify the power of sonication to enable fast, high-quality sample processing at a fraction of the cost when compared to conventional methods.

Whether you’re performing NGS, ChIP, or mass spec for protein analysis, our sample processing solutions will help you conduct faster, better research.

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Amplified Acoustic Mechanical Processing™ (AAMP)

AAMP is a patented sonication reagent technology formulated to store cavitation energy and deliver controlled mechanical forces into a sample when exposed to ultrasound.

Amplifying the power of (((SOUND)))

Our AAMP-infused sonication reagents deliver precise, controlled mechanical forces directly into your sample during sonication. This boost of energy drastically increases the efficiency of sample processing, enabling high-throughput formats, greater yields, and gentler workflows.

Enabling CONSISTENT 96-well plate processing

Our reagents are formulated to deliver a controlled amount of cavitation-based mechanical shearing, resulting in consistent and reproducible results that overcome acoustic field variabilities and allow for simultaneous multi-sample processing.

This enables parallel processing of up to 96 samples, significantly greater than conventional methods using standard sonicators.

Allowing you to get MORE from less

Our reagents amplify the shearing force created during sonication, facilitating increased extraction of target biomolecules from your sample. For some applications and sample types, you can expect 5-10x greater yields when using AAMP-enabled sonication.

This improvement drastically reduces the starting material required for high quality downstream analysis, which is particularly important when analyzing rare samples such as clinical FFPE tissue sections.

How It Works

Implementing our sonication reagents into your labs workflows is easy — just add the reagent to your sample and sonicate. No post-sonication clean-up is required. Since most NGS workflows are compatible with standard PCR plates, you can seamlessly integrate AAMP-based sonication into your workflows without an additional liquid transfer step.

Revolutionary Solutions for Numerous Applications

By integrating AAMP-infused reagents with low-cost sonication devices, we’re developing solutions that significantly increase sample-to-sample consistency, decrease overall processing time, and reduce costs.

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